Story of restoration

Gruen PAN AM


We often get watches in our workshop (located in Germany) for restorations which are over the hill, and for that reason nobody would like to look at. In most cases they are old ones, which was worn often and gladly from the original owner, and for that reason they have many scratches,  dings and other marks of worn in the plating of the cases.

Before owners put their old watch away there was often a mechanical damage too. With damage and baldy worn the watches mostly get into a drawer and over the years they will be forgotten. Not uncommonly it’s the next generation who find the old watches, but mostly they misunderstand the value and so the watches got thrown away.

The History of the

Gruen Precision Veri-Thin PAN AM ACE

About which watch the story is, Gruen ? Never heart about ? In Germany it’s an exotic, but known by serious collectors . Gruen had made so much unique and beautiful watches, and they have written now and then a capture of watch history.

The Gruen PAN AM got to honor with it’s 24 hour dial with Arabic numbers and the read sweeping second hand which was not normal for this decade. On the face of it for the 40s an eye catcher and provocatively different. The story of the maketing for this watch a bestseller.

The production of the Pan Am series startet 1943, first only for the pilots of the „Pan American World Airways“ better known as PAN AM. The airline quit its civil airtravels in this phase of the 2nd world war and supported the US airforce. Although not in official sales the marketing campaign for this watch started in newspapers and magazines.